Shading Your Art: Can You Use Sunscreen on New Tattoos?

Today, getting a tattoo is a widespread form of self-expression. Getting inked is a timeless way to showcase your identity or story. 46% of Americans have at least one tattoo, and many have plans to get more in the future.

For people, getting a new tattoo is an exciting and personal journey. You may feel tempted to show off your new ink as soon as possible, but your tattoo needs special care. Proper aftercare and maintenance will help your tattoo age like fine wine.

Your artist may have instructed you to keep your new ink away from sunlight. So, an alternative question is: can you use sun protection on it? Let us explore the importance of sunscreen on a new tattoo!

A New Tattoo and Sun Exposure

Tattooing involves a needle pricking your skin's outer layer. It leaves an open wound susceptible to different external factors, including sunlight.

After getting a tattoo, your skin undergoes a delicate healing and regeneration process. Exposing a fresh tattoo to the sun will cause it to burn and blister. When this happens, the fresh ink on your body becomes prone to fading and discoloration.

The burning and blistering changes the tattoo's color, saturation, and shape. In some cases, this event can result in some pigment fading. It leaves spots with little or no color on your skin.

To preserve its vibrance, hide your new tattoo from the sun's rays. Reduce the impact of the sunlight on your fresh body art to keep its color and quality. Can you apply sunscreen on a new tattoo?

Sunscreen for New Tattoos

How often do you apply sunscreen in a day? Acting as a shield, sunscreen plays a vital role in keeping your skin safe from the harmful effects of UV rays. That's why it's a crucial part of a skincare routine.

However, applying sunscreen on a healing tattoo is something you must never do. From tattoo artists to doctors, using sun protection on inked skin is not advisable. Remember, a new tattoo equates to an open wound. Applying sunscreen on fresh body art can irritate it.

You can experience redness, itching, and swelling around the new tattoo. In some cases, bacteria from products go unnoticed and infect the skin. Failing to tend to the issue exposes you to serious medical problems.

If it goes deeper, the chemicals can interact with the tattoo ink. Then, it causes fading and discoloration in the long run.

Ask Your Tattoo Artist

If you're unsure about the best aftercare practices, it's best to ask your tattoo artist.

Tattoo artists undergo extensive training to get where they are. One needs appropriate knowledge and skills to perform their responsibilities. A tattoo artist learns about different tattooing techniques, skin types, and artistic skills.

Some artists engage in apprenticeships under experienced mentors to gain hands-on experience.

Moreover, they get a deep understanding of hygiene and safety protocols. Doing so ensures a professional and safe tattooing practice. If you have questions about sun protection for tattoos, you can ask them about it.

Consulting your tattoo artist about applying sunscreen on a new tattoo is crucial. They know and understand the specific needs of your ink, making them a reliable source. They can give product recommendations and insights about the characteristics of your tattoo.

With their expertise, you can protect your inked masterpiece and allow it to heal.

Applying Sunscreen on a New Tattoo

To enjoy the benefits of sunscreen, proper application is key. When is the right time to use sun protection for tattoos? Experts recommend applying sunscreen on your body art when healed.

On the surface, a new tattoo can heal within 2 to 3 weeks after the session. However, full recovery from a new tattoo can take months. It can differ per case depending on the size and aftercare practice.

Ask your tattoo artist about the estimated time it takes for your tattoo to heal.

Once healed, cleanse the affected area with a mild, scent-free soap. Then, pat it dry before applying sun protection. Ensure your skin absorbs the sunscreen, covering the entire tattoo.

The Right Sunscreen for Healed Tattoos

Is there a specific sunscreen for tattoos? After your tattoo has healed, you can use any sun protection products. Experts recommend a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures the ability of a sunscreen to protect your skin from UVB rays. It extends the time it takes the radiation to make noticeable redness. With a higher SPF level, you can increase protection on your skin against sunburn.

However, SPF alone cannot protect you from the harmful effects of UVA rays. Choose a sunscreen with a "broad-spectrum" label to get the protection you need. With this, you can shield your skin against UVA and UVB rays.

Apart from these, consider the following when buying sunscreen products.

Breathable, Non-sticky Product

When choosing sun protection for tattoos, check its breathability. Ensure the product you get is lightweight and non-sticky.

Your skin needs to breathe. It begins to feel suffocated without oxygen. If you use low-quality sunscreen, you are blocking the pores and enabling dirt buildup.

With this, bacteria can grow. Further, the lack of oxygen makes it hard for your tattooed skin to regenerate, resulting in faded ink.

Fragrance-Free and Dye-Free

Use a fragrant-free and dye-free sunscreen on your inked body. The added chemicals on these products can irritate your skin. Remember, your skin becomes sensitive or more sensitive with your new tattoo.

With this, you must check the label and ingredients used on the product. Using chemical-free sun protection helps in protecting you against UVA and UVB rays. Ensure the product you buy is effective and of high quality.

Sunscreen on a New Tattoo: Preserving Your Inked Masterpiece

Putting sunscreen on a new tattoo isn't recommended because it can irritate your skin. However, once your tattoo has healed, sunscreen is essential in keeping the vibrancy of your ink. It acts as a shield that prevents UV rays from fading, discoloring, and damaging your tattoo.

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