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Discover DERMAFIRM, a leading Korean medical beauty brand, offering high-quality skincare and makeup products made with premium ingredients and innovative technology. With over 20 years of experience and a commitment to transparency and research, DERMAFIRM's skincare solutions are trusted by dermatologists worldwide. Explore their best-selling products, including the Perilla series, Ultra Soothing Toner, and Hydro Lifting Mask, and achieve your perfect skin with DERMAFIRM.

    2 products
    DERMAFIRM is a leading Korean medical beauty brand that has been producing high-performance skincare products since 2002. The brand is committed to providing its customers with reliable and safe products made with high-purity ingredients in the accurate amount. DERMAFIRM has gained recognition globally by exporting its excellent cosmetic products to 19 countries, and it has close cooperation with over 3000 hospitals in Korea, including dermatology and plastic surgery clinics.

    At DERMAFIRM, the brand's philosophy is rooted in producing high-purity and functional raw ingredients in their production facilities so that they can make trusted derma cosmetics accessible to all. They focus on developing cosmetics ingredients and formulas through extensive research, clinical tests, and expertise in the field. The brand offers a broad range of skincare solutions for various skin concerns, including blemishes, dryness, aging, and sensitive skin, as well as a basic line of makeup and beauty tools. All their products are manufactured in a strict environment that has obtained various certifications and are made without tar, parabens, mineral oils, triclosan, hydroquinone or diazolidinyl urea.

    DERMAFIRM has an innovative formula that utilizes Liposomes, a transdermal drug delivery system, to deliver active ingredients to the skin quickly and efficiently. Their revolutionary Liposomes enable carefully chosen ingredients such as Peptides, Azulene, and Astaxanthin, to penetrate the dermis effectively, achieving clinically-proven, visible results. The brand has undertaken new scientific research to understand how microbiomes can impact skin disorders, developing a patented microbiome technology called Terrabiome® made with fermentation and natural extracts. This transformative property assists with balancing the ecosystem for healthier, better-functioning skin.

    At DERMAFIRM, they believe in science and do not depend on external OEM/ODM cosmetic manufacturers. Instead, they make efforts to strengthen their own R&D capabilities through four research institutes, including the Derma Science Research Center, the Peptide Research Center, the Medical Device Research Center, and the Natural Materials Research Center. With 30% of their workforce employed in research, DERMAFIRM has the best R&D capabilities in the domestic derma cosmetics industry, which allows them to research skin microbiome design and new production technology, as well as produce new material peptides and liposome technology.

    With the Perilla series tailored for people with skin disorders caused by seasons and the environment, Dermafirm offers innovative, high-quality, and safe skincare products that are worth trying. Create a perfect skincare routine by exploring their best-selling products, including the Dermafirm Ultra Soothing Toner, Dermafirm Ultra Soothing Formula Emulsion, and Dermafirm Perfect Moisture Foam. Try them out and enjoy perfect skin with DERMAFIRM.